Rosie Mary Kathleen

✎ "Make your life a work of art." 20, UK.I reek of romance and good intentions. I like stories that don't have endings, finishing others peoples sentences and I am very pleased to meet you.

Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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It’s 00:43 and I wish you were here

I just want to be your 1AM thoughts
or maybe your 2AM drunken want
that you can’t quite have at 3AM
so at 4AM you leave me messages
before you attempt to sleep at 5AM
and then dream about at 6AM.
While I wake early at 7AM and read them through til I’m too awake at 8AM
then it’ll be 9AM and hazily you’ll wake
by 10AM and the timer will start again.

I’m in ibiza feeling rubbish so if someone wants to message me/send me anons that’d be fabulous cause I’m not leaving my bedroom tonight.


napping naked on top of a girl you like is one of the best things you can ever do. like not completely on her but your legs between hers, head on her boobs/ stomach while she’s scratching your head and back. thats the shit i look forward to when Im married

Legit I seriously love having a guy nap on me and I just scratch their heads and ruffle their hair. All the cutesy crap.

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Karen Gillan at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy

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